Association for Protection of Refugee Women & Children. HAMI
انجمن حمایت از زنان و کودکان پناهنده. حامی
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The past decades have witnessed an expansion of inter-governmental and other initiatives to develop joint approaches to migration. IOM’s International Dialogue on Migration (IDM) has held a pioneering role in bringing together all migration stakeholders, at a global level, for free and open discussions on the opportunities and challenges which migration presents.

Day of the Girl Child

International Day of Peace – September 21, 2022

The International Day of Peace (or World Peace Day) celebrated annually on September 21 is devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples. At a time when war and violence often monopolize our news cycles, the International Day of Peace is an inspiring

Education and declining opportunities in Afghanistan

In continuation of its series of meetings about Afghanistan, one year after the fall, Hami Association held its second meeting dedicated to the issue of education. “Education and declining opportunities in Afghanistan was the main subject of this event that was held by the presence of   a number of cultural

the  Challenges of Human Trafficking

the  Challenges of Human Trafficking

On the occasion of the International Day against Human Trafficking, HAMI association held a specialized event with the presence of academic scholars. This event, discussed  various aspects of human trafficking confusing on the situation of human trafficking in the region. On Saturday 23 July 2022, HAMI  hosted a migrant community

World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

World Day Against Trafficking in Persons 30 July

Use and abuse of technology This year’s theme focuses on the role of technology as a tool that can both enable and impede human trafficking. With the global expansion in the use of technology – intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic and the shift of our everyday life to online platforms — the

remembering Srebrenica

Remembering the Bosnian Genocide

HAMI started out as a volunteer and independent organization during the Balkan crisis in 1992 to provide help for vulnerable women and children suffering from persecution and abuse in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Remembering the Bosnian Genocide his week in Srebrenica, a once little-known Bosnian town now synonymous with genocide, volunteers

2022 UNHCR-NGO Global Consultations

2022 UNHCR Global Consultations with NGOs

The consultations will have two main themes: Localization Climate action The Global NGO Consultations will feature two main thematic sessions on Localization and Climate Action, an opening and closing sessions with UNHCR senior leaders, an event on Partnerships, an NGO Innovation Award ceremony, as well as other side events (fully

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