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انجمن حمایت از زنان و کودکان پناهنده. حامی
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با مهر تا مهر

Mehr to Mehr campaign

Educating children as a natural and fundamental right, is the main goal and the reason of all HAMI s effort to  increase the level of education system, in  refugee and migrants society . The lack of proper  infrastructure and educational equipment, make us to monitor educational systems, in Vulnerable population.

HAMI center of Semnan in August

 Due to the Corona situations in all of the country , HAMI’s activities and classes are restricted .In such a situation, HAMI counselors tried to identify child labor cases  through a field study so HAMI could be able to : 1)  determine the prevalence of child labor among school children

HAMI and Women Empowerment

HAMI and Women Empowerment

Promotion of self-employment HAMI   plays a significant and meaningful role towards promoting self-employment of women by the following ways Training & Skill Development HAMI  tries to recognize vulnerable   women and provide them opportunities of self-employment to improve their social and economic status. They also cultivate he habit of thrift and

Children’s right to privacy in the digital age must be improved

Today’s children are the first generation to be born into a digital age, while their parents are the first to rear ‘digital children,’ according to a new report. How this affects their privacy, as well as their development, is examined by the Special Rapporteur on the right to privacy, Joseph Cannataci,

Call for the event of social refugees situation in Qom city

Call for the event of social refugees situation in Qom city

The institution of Qom Jihad University and Qom Students News Agency(ISNA) will hold an online event with cooperation of HAMI center of Qom the event will be held this Sunday 11th of June 2021.   the purpose of the event is to review the social situation of refugee communities in Qom

Facilitation for local development in HAMI center of Qom

Facilitation for local development in HAMI center of Qom

HAMI has been working in the field of education and social services for the past thirty  years. To ensure that this rich experience benefits refugee communities   and initiatives, HAMI has undertaken a number of programmes. These focus on information sharing, capacity building, monitoring, etc. to enhance the effectiveness of programmes

world refugee days in HAMI CENTERS

Celebrating Refugee Day in HAMI centers

People who have been forced to flee often struggle to find a doctor when they are sick. Far from home, they struggle to find schools for their children or even a place for them to run around and play. We work together with refugees every day to help them access

summer classes

HAMI Summer programs and classes

HAMI centers has began to  host  summer programs in Focus to develop curriculum and group activities to facilitate students’ adjustment to learning and living in cities and town that our centers are based. in QOM and SEMNAN  and MASHHAD we started the project of summer classes. Refugee and immigrant kids

Education Strategy in HAMI centers

Early childhood and primary education form the foundation of the lifelong learning cycle that is at the heart of UNHCR’s Education Strategy. in this level HAMI as a NGO tries to provide all level of learning for our students. First and foremost, school should be a safe haven. Schools also

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