Association for Protection of Refugee Women & Children. HAMI
انجمن حمایت از زنان و کودکان پناهنده. حامی
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Education Strategy in HAMI centers

Early childhood and primary education form the foundation of the lifelong learning cycle that is at the heart of UNHCR’s Education Strategy. in this level HAMI as a NGO tries to provide all level of learning for our students. First and foremost, school should be a safe haven. Schools also

Empowerment workshop for immigrant women in HAMI centers

HAMI as a non-profit organization, provides programming for the EDUCATION, INTEGRATION, ENRICHMENT and EMPOWERMENT of immigrant and refugee women and their families. To make change,  women’s voices need to be heard. Through a programme of empowerment activities, we support a programme of many refugee and asylum-seeking women to develop their confidence

vulnerable groups during the COVID-19

Supporting vulnerable groups during the COVID-19 crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the vulnerability of refugees and migrants worldwide. “Extreme natural events often hit the poorest and most vulnerable members of society hardest, including refugees and migrants … The Covid-19 pandemic further exacerbates the situation of refugees and displaced persons, In this regard HAMI tries to support

HAMI educational counselling

Children’s learning and welfare is at the center of decisions

HAMI centers haven’t canceled their workshops even during the pandemic and quarantine in these days. When the coronavirus outbreak shuttered our schools in almost every centers of HAMI, our  psychologists moved quickly to provide their services remotely and in person  regarding to protocols . Along with this change, they’ve experienced

Hami in Corona days

As Corona crises  continue these days and becomes a series threat to Iranian vulnerable Hami combat against the virus  is running hopefully. This endeavor is on the frontlines  specially for immigrants and refugee  families . In this regard  HAMI support and relief section started a campaign to prepare some essential

HAMI at the battlefield of COVID-19

From the begining of Corona crises in Iran, HAMI educational centers have  started their activities by  providing  the necessary equipment in the fight against C9OVID-19. In recent days, the efforts of refugee women along with their Iranian sisters in all  Centers  of Hami , especially in  in Mashhad, have been raised.  Activists of the

Report on the First NGOs Regional Meeting

NGO Regional MeetingAfghan Refugees and Returnees: Challenges & Opportunities Preface:It has been 30 years since a massive influx of refugees and migrants moved out of Afghanistan. Today Afghans make up the largest refugee and migrant community in the world. Despite the overthrow of Afghanistan’s political regime in 2002 and paramount

World Refugee Day

In conflict and disaster, children suffer first and suffer most. Today, one in four of the world’s children lives in a conflict or disaster zone — a fact that should shake each of us to our core. Sadly, the number of …

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