Association for Protection of Refugee Women & Children. HAMI
انجمن حمایت از زنان و کودکان پناهنده. حامی

 Due to the Corona situations in all of the country , HAMI’s activities and classes are restricted .In such a situation, HAMI counselors tried to identify child labor cases  through a field study so HAMI could be able to : 1)  determine the prevalence of child labor among school children in the rural and urban areas of Semnan; and 2) To study the factors related to child labor – like the reasons for working, problems faced by the child, workplace conditions, etc.

this field study is very important for HAMI because children need a nurturing household and social environment in order to grow into economically active  productive adults with the ability to participate effectively in the social, cultural, and political activities insociety.

  In a nurturing household, a child receives not only adequate and nutritious food for normal and healthy physical growth, but also appropriate health care, affection, and intellectual stimulation. A nurturing and caring society would ensure that each child receives education at least up to the primary level and has opportunities for healthy social interaction. In such societies few, if any, school-age children would be working and not in school.

The field study of identifying child labor cases were divided in different ways as below:

 identifying new working children

Visiting  the living and working  place of  new children, to complete the relevant files and forms

Registration of Iranian working children identified in the Armaghan system

Awareness of working children  who have dropped out of immigrant education system

Distribution of  brochures in  children’s workplace

Individual psychological counseling for children and mothers

Organizing  football training class for boys

Organizing summer art class for drawing and painting

Distribution of health packs among  vulnerable and at-risk families

Holding psychological workshops

Holding health workshops  of maintaining personal physical and mental health

Mothers training and empowerment class (weaving)



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