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انجمن حمایت از زنان و کودکان پناهنده. حامی

global emergencies cause significant damage to lives, assets, and the economy. Therefore, the supply of relief goods is essential in emergency relief contexts, which is generally the function of non-government organizations (NGOs) as they have unique relief goods supply advantages.

In marginal areas, relief goods are essential sources of life supplies, particularly families. This study develops a prototype of a spatially explicit agent-based model and uses it to evaluate the deviation of end products between supply and demand for humanitarian relief goods.
Livelihoods contribute to food security, prevent dependency, reduce vulnerability, enhance self-reliance and can develop or build a set of specific skills.

Why Promote Livelihoods

 livelihoods for the poor becomes all the more urgent. It calls for organizations to use their resources optimally to achieve maximum scale. The primary reason to promote livelihoods is the belief in the essential right of all human beings to equal opportunity

In this regard HAMI social services   in Semnan has prepared and distributed support packages for the beneficiaries at the end of the training courses.

Our colleagues provided services to about 1000families by distributing about 1000packages.

At the end of its training and counseling courses, the HAMI Social Service Center in Semnan city distributed livelihood packages to the beneficiary families after their participants in these courses. Livelihood packages are a small part of the efforts of our colleagues in HAMI. This action is implemented due to our plan for providing services and improve the livelihood of the beneficiaries.

Training courses at HAMI social service center also help families .
to rebuild their individual lives, refugees and immigrants need to achieve a minimum livelihood in order to continue and ensure their security, more than having a roof over their heads and a safe place to sleep.

Livelihood improvement can be achieved in  decent work, , maintaining dignity, shaping the future and empowering. Being able to work and use their skills and talents also allows refugees to contribute to their host communities.
Training courses at HAMI social service center also help families to obtain.
the main basic measure to ensure the economic and social security of refugees in life and supporting the livelihood of families is not only in providing support packages, but it has three basic pillars: empowerment courses, development and promotion of knowledge and self-awareness of the individual, social and legal situation. and education
By distributing 1000 livelihood packages among 1000 families, the Hami Social Service Center in Semnan uses this opportunity to get to know more families and for this reason, it can promote and introduce its courses to provide services to more families.



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