Association for Protection of Refugee Women & Children. HAMI
انجمن حمایت از زنان و کودکان پناهنده. حامی

Celebrate, Commemorate and Collaborate

The universal concept of the World NGO Day is to Celebrate, Commemorate and Collaborate – the various NGOs around the world, and the people behind them that contribute to society all year around.

World NGO Day is to inspire people to become more actively involved within NGO sector and encourage a greater symbiosis between NGOs and both the public and private sector.


World NGO day serves all of us to reflect and take a good resolution for the future

February 27 is an important day for civil society. We mark World NGO Day during which we celebrate the various NGOs around the world, the people behind them, and the valuable contribution that they make to society.

Officially proposed and recognized in 2010, and declared in 2012. First time marked by the UN, EU, Nordic Council leaders and international organizations in 2014.

World NGO day was officially proposed and recognised in April 17, 2010 by 12 countries of the Baltic Sea NGO Forum in Vilnius, Lithuania. The member countries of the Baltic Sea NGO Forum were Belarus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Norway and Sweden.

The importance of this day from the perspective of HAMI  association

????This day was created to raise awareness of the enormous contributions of NGOs around the world and to honor the relentless efforts of social workers in the public and private sectors.

???? In this regard, and considering the widespread wave of migration of thousands of Afghans to Iran and its coincidence with the Corona crisis, HAMI  invites other grassroots organizations to give this day a better opportunity to interact and participate.

In this regard the vulnerable population of immigrants and refugees Can benefit from the circumstances.

Hami believes that the economic crisis of Iranian society, along with the corona epidemic and the daily influx of thousands of immigrants, has created complex and difficult conditions for the people, from which the vulnerable sections of society, including immigrants and refugees, are certainly not immune. Therefore, in such situations, non-governmental organizations can rely on their capacities to help provide more support and assistance

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