HAMI started out as a volunteer and independent organization during the Balkan crisis in 1992 to provide help for vulnerable women and children suffering from persecution and abuse in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

later on, while the number of Afghan and Iraqi refugees were on rapid growth(4 million forced migrants) in Iran,  HAMI formally established in 1999 to support women and children as the most vulnerable group in forced migrations who scattered in the disadvantaged areas of the main cities and were in desperate need of protection.

HAMI strives to empower refugee women and children to realize and activate their potentials to overcome individual and social barriers, to not only assume a noteworthy role in reestablishing their lives in the host country but also engage in their country’s rehabilitation.

To this end, we believe that the prime measure required to be taken is providing educational facilities all the way from programs of literacy, physical and mental health, and family planning to technical vocational training in order to promote the socio-political participation of our target groups. HAMI provides facilities to pave a ground for their individual and collective growth and development.

In line with our goals to provide protection and support for affected and disadvantaged Afghan women, and following the fall of the Taliban in 2002, HAMI opened its office in Afghanistan to support Afghan women in gaining their fundamental human rights.
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