HAMI in Afghanistan

After the fall of the Taliban and the establishment of a central government in Afghanistan in 2002, HAMI started its activities to help the country’s reconstruction especially in terms of women’s issues. Cultural, social, and language similarities have led to better cooperation with national and international organizations inside Afghanistan in arranging and implementing the necessary programs in favor of Afghan women.

 HAMI is the only Iranian NGO registered in Afghanistan and is legally permitted to act inside the country.

Capacity building programs in Afghanistan:

 1.Training-counseling workshop on “Women’s rights in the Constitution of Afghanistan” with participation of a high rank legal team of Afghan women including members of the Constitutional Commission of Afghanistan and the Secretary of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, and some Iranian lawyers in Tehran and Mashhad – 2002.

2. Training workshop on “Women’s empowerment and analyzing the gender-based approach”. This took place at two different levels for managers and senior experts in Afghanistan Governmental bodies and Gender specialists in international organizations, Kabul – 2003.

3. Enhancing legal outputs regarding social justice with the participation of a group of judges and legal experts from the Supreme Court of Afghanistan, public prosecutors from the Ministry of Justice and participants from Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights Commission and the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Kabul – 2003.

 4. Training Workshop on “ Policy-making and capacity building for local NGOs” capacity building for local NGOs of Afghanistan in cooperation with Right and democracy in Afghanistan, Kabul – 2005.

5. Workshop on “Human rights of Women in the society and their public life” for women running for the Parliament and provincial councils in Kabul, Mazari Sharif, heart, and Badakhshan – 2005.

6. Seminar on “Comparing women’s human rights in Islam and in international law” in cooperation with Women Human Rights and International Center of Afghanistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kabul – 2004.

7. Training Workshop on “Women and political power” for political activists and Afghan women running for the Parliament and activists from political parties of Afghanistan, Kabul – 2005.

8. National seminar for women running for the Parliament, with candidate women from other provinces of Afghanistan in Kabul – 2005.

Exchange of knowledge and experiences:

HAMI has provided different study tours for managers and experts of Afghanistan and Iran to promote better interactions to exchange information and experiences among the countries.

 1. Women members of the Constitutional Commission of Afghanistan were invited to Iran as the third series of invitations to improve cultural relations among women form two nations for better exchange of knowledge and experiences.

2. Afghanistan high-rank judicial officials met different judicial parts of Iran in a weekly visit – 2006.

3. Training Tour for administrative experts and officials of Afghanistan to study poverty reduction policies applied on women in Iran – 2007.

4. Holding a study tour for educational officials and the heads of health and treatment centers of heart province to Iran – capacity building and enhance connection among academics and treatment centers in Iran and Afghanistan – 2007.

5. Regional meeting on “Peace for women, women for peace” to appreciate women’s movement and deficit in the crisis and respectable life of refugee women in the region – 2008.

6. Study tour for officials and local news reporters of Herat in Iran, capacity building for Afghan youth and the local media in Afghanistan – 2008.

7. Training workshop on “Reporting on international covenants” for administrative officials and experts of Afghanistan’s Government in cooperation with the Study and Research Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran

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