Armed conflicts due to regional and international disputes beside domestic political crises and also emergencies due to natural disasters are all threats against women and children who are subject to various kinds of violence and destruction in family and society and also forced displacement from their home; all these atrocities make them the most vulnerable group in risk conditions.

1. Mobilize women to take measures and conduct exchanges for peace, especially to eliminate wars and the dangers arising from wars;

2. Endeavor to improve the awareness of women and NGOs about human rights issues and related universal standards;

3. Make appropriate decisions in order to prevent and erase all forms of violence and to support women and children materially and spiritually against deprivations in critical situations and wars;

4. Present thoughts and consolidate views and opinions in international communities in order to set forth and analyze the problems and to look into the problems of women and children who are injured by wars and socio-political and cultural crises, as well as natural disasters;

5. Communicate and exchange information with organizations and similar national and international bodies in the process of fulfilling HAMI’s goals;

6. Explore possibilities of relief work and organize the material and volunteer human resources to help the women and children in critical zones;

7. Dispatch and equip humanitarian medical and food supply packages and send relief teams in coordination with the authorities;

8. Make use of effective and diverse methods to achieve the goals;


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