Some of our projects are:

1. Holding basic education and literacy programs in cooperation with UNICEF-Iran for 4328 Afghan children in five learning centers of HAMI (Shourabad 1&2, Kan and Mashad) 2008-2013.
2. Holding literacy program for more than 585 illiterate Afghan women in HAMI centers (HAMI and UNICEF) 2008-2013.
3. Holding primary school teacher training courses for all teachers at five learning centers of HAMI 2008 – 2013.
4. Holding life and communication skills courses for refugee and migrant children, 2008 – 2012.
5. Providing vocational training for adult Afghan women and also Afghan women headed households (HAMI and Relief International) 2010-2011.
6. Holding a training workshop to combat violence against women for the members of the liaison network, March 2009.
7. Holding mental health training workshops to raise awareness among 70 members of the migrant Afghan network of liaisons, March 2008.
8. Holding training workshops on developing assistance to increase and reinforce the spirit of participation among the refugee and migrant population through using the PRA method in the peri-urban areas of Tehran, 2007.
9. Training 300 Afghan girls as “health liaisons” in the three provinces of Tehran, Khorasan, Sistan and Baloochestan that host the largest number of Afghan refugees in Iran so that they could act as healthcare and training activists in Afghan communities and raise awareness on personal hygiene, reproductive health, and family planning issues. 2006
10. Holding health liaison training courses for 300 young Afghan female migrants on reproductive health, child and maternal health, preconception, antenatal, and postpartum care, and nutrition in order to establish a network of local health workers to promote personal hygiene, public health, and family planning among the Iranian Afghan refugee community, 2004- 2005.
11. Holding a mental health course for the head-teachers of the above schools, 2004.
12. Holding a teaching methodology course for 50 teachers in the self-governed Afghan schools of the satellite cities around Tehran, 2003.
13. Holding training courses on life skills and methods of communication the host society for Afghan women 2000-2001.

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